Architect Narayan & Associates suggests, in this modern lifestyle, selection of good homes should be more focused on the quality of surrounding such as gardens, park play-area within and the upliftment of the quality of life rather than the vaastu and other minor things that people look into. It is more important to give your children a quality living outside rather than centered to home space, what it means is while selecting a house,it is more important to have better air quality, better interior quality andbetter openness.

The next big step is to ensure that whatever space you reside should enhance your quality of life.Architect Narayan & Associates feels that, the houses which are located in the middle of the town or metro areas with intense construction or industrial activities usually have to suffer from intense air pollution and noise pollution.

People should use air filters such as ionizer etc. to reduce the air pollution within the house and it is also advisable to keep doors and windows shut during busy hours which will reduce the amount of dust particles from entering your house. During the winter & monsoon season people should practice keeping sigdi’s when the air pollution is quite high, the sigdi’s will generate heat and keep the place dry.


Architect Narayan & Associates insists on triangular planning for kitchen area, it is highly advisable for working women,the high traffic area is between the sink, cooking & Laundry, this is a very simple layout for organizing everything in one area which will be very helpful to housewives.

Master Bedroom

In a Master bedroom we see a lot of people keeping unwanted and unused furniture and storage, leaving no space for circulation openness, we often advice as an Architect that furniture and storage which are unused should be disposed off, creating more open space and allowing the space to be free.Use paints and furniture which are lighter in color, use furniture which are slightly lower in height for rooms which are smaller in size this allows the space to look bigger, use large mirrors in rooms to make space more spacious, this helps to defeat the perceptions of the smaller spaces, our advice to people is also to have furniture which are simplistic in nature, this helps both in terms of maintenance and in-terms of perceptions of cleanliness.

 Children Bedroom

It has always been a challenge for parents to keep children bedroom through to its age and ensure the decor of the room is maintained as maintenance free. Every parent has to ensure that whatever age the children are the rooms should be appealing to them, they should ensure that the rooms should have certain freshness with lots of bright color if needed. All mothers will agree that the biggest challenge always has been to keep it neat and tidy.For this the parents has to ensure that they should dispose off unwanted toys, furniture, storage etc., they should ensure that the space is not dimly electorate.

Bathroom/Toilet & Terrace

We have seen particularly in most houses that at any given point if there are leakage it should be attended immediately, failure to do so allows the bacteria,mosquitoes and other germs to enter your house & threat no matter how clean you keep,it will allow the breathing of these unwanted germs.Ensure unwanted utilities are dumped immediately.

There is one space which is ignored by most that is the space below the staircase,this is a very un-utilized space in most houses people should utilized this to make stores,drawers, shutters, etc. and with a good design sense it can be made very appealing. In terrace, ensure that if you have grasses it should be maintained,otherwise use artificial grass. Avoid fixed plantation which has potential for leakage and keep plant which has green foliage throughout the years, avoid plantation which are seasonal or you will land up in not knowing what to do with it in off – season.

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